Beloved Family and Friends of Abraxas,

The crew have been working this month to awaken our Dragon from her slumber. Every year the team puts in hundreds of hours building, reworking and beautifying Abraxas for everyone to enjoy. We need your help to bring her back to the playa.

Our majestic beast (as with ALL dragons) has insatiable lust for gold. She needs at least $7000 in order to fund her journey to the Burn to reunite us all in dance and dusty sunrise celebrations. Breakdown looks like this: $4000 for shipping/ transport, $1000 for the new clutch, $1000 to sound, paint and flame, $1000 for gas. This where we need you, our greater Abraxas family!

Abraxas has brought more to our lives than we could possibly ever give back to her. Your financial support will help to bring her alive, ready to rage the dance floor (to quote Tim Clark) and create more epic memories together.

For donations of $125 or more, we have 50 Abraxas golden emblem pendents as gifts. A donation of $1000 will get you a lap dance from Uncle D in a "three piece suit:" (Cowboy hat, boots and Manties)

We look forward to seeing you all on the Playa.

Thank you for loving Abraxas

The Dragon Crew

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