Abraxas Dragon Burning Man

Abraxas Dragon Burning Man 2016

Calling all Abraxians—our beloved winged serpant is preparing to descend upon Da Vinci's Workshop, on a mission. This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary raging on the Playa, and wish to welcome you aboard again. Riding Abraxas culminates the immense energy created by our combined passion, our connections to each other, and the Playa itself. This year we are also honorng the life of Dahmay Shiday, who was tragically taken from us. Dahmay was a true warrior, and brought us all together in such a unique way. We will hold a ceremony to pay homage to him, and the hearts he has touched at the Temple.

This is a last minute call out to all who could not imagine a Burn without Abraxas. We need to raise $10,000 by August 22. Help us do this by pledging whatever you can to our PayPal. With your help, the Dragon will return stronger than ever, throwing down at every turn, reminiscing on all the good times and people, and celebrating our longevity at Burning Man. Let's make this happen!

Abraxas Dragon Burning Man
Dahmay Shiday
Abraxas Dragon Sunrise

Abraxas Dragon Awakens









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